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November 13, 2018

Wow, week four of the course I'm taking at Make Art That Sells has passed and left me feeling all worn out. I had a very busy week at work, at home, and then there's the feeling of responsibility I have regarding the soccer practice of my son (I'm their trainer on Thursday) and rehearsals with my choir on Friday. Not to mention a big birthdayparty on Saturday (uncle, it was great, best party since ages) and somewhere I had to find time to give my kids the attention they needed and to clean up our home. Luckily there was Sunday...finaly a day in the weekend we didn't plan a thing....well, except for me. I still had to finish a piece for the Illustrating Children's Books course. Not that we get punished for not uploading anything, but I had made a deal with myself: this week I wanted to make something really stunning! 

That's so typically me, knowing that making an environment is something I rarely do, because I find it very difficult, but still wanting to perform and give it my best. Because, frantically, I really wanted to be reviewed in the video of Lilla and Zoe. 

Is it because I want to be the best? Maybe...to be honest I can be very competitive and I like to be liked....don't we all? But it's also because I'm very insecure. I definitely love this course because I learn so much, but the only thing I miss is personal feedback. And my insecure self needs that.




The past few weeks I've been asked: "What kind of course are you taking?" And when I tell people it's an online course, they ask me how it works? Well, in this course we get three story lines from wich we can choose. Every day we get a little drawing assignment (sketch something, mostly related to the main topic of that week). On wednesday we get our BIG assignment that we have to upload before Sunday (in my case at 10 pm). Along the way there are a lot of video's, interviews and PDF files about art, being an illustrator and about children's books. Full of tips, tops and mindfulness, it's superb! If you sign up for the course you can participate in a private Facebook group. You can ask questions, post your work, ask for advice or support: it's great! 

Everyone is excited on wednesday, not only because we get our new assignment, but mostly because on that day the gallery of the previous assignment will be opened and you can see everyone's work. There's also the video in wich Lilla Rogers and Zoe Tucker review the top works of the class. Only a few works are shown and we can all learn from the comments. 


I just love this course and everything I'm learning, I'm making loads of drawings and I've met beautiful and nice people who share my passion for illustrating. The only thing I miss is personal contact with the teacher. I would want to know how she feels about my work and what I need to improve. It's sometimes hard not knowing....and I feel afloat. That feeling gives me inspiration for beautifull artwork, but it would be nice if I could calm myself down and know what step to take next.  


This Sunday I worked on my assignment from 10 in the morning till 10 in the evening (well actually it was 20 minutes later). I could only do this because my husband took care of the dog and the children. Sometimes I got up because I had to go to the toilet or get something to eat, but for the rest of the day I sat on my chair and worked on my iPad. Around noon I thought I was doing fine and that I was going to make it. But around 6 pm I got frustrated. And by 10 pm I was angry, sad and awfully tired. I broke down in tears because I wasn't satisfied by what I had made and that I didn't upload my work in time. And that I neglected my family for nothing...

There was supposed to be a part of the text in the illustration (we had to make a doublespread with illustrations and text), but I don't have Photoshop and in Procreate you don't have any text. And in the programs where I could type in text I couldn't upload my file.....aaargh....so frustrating! Finaly I just uploaded what I had, 20 minutes late and way to big in size....don't know if they accepted it....but I got green light...so I think they did???? 


Anyway, this is what I uploaded. I was really proud of all the characters and the funny things I had come up with. But I wasn't sattisfied with the environment itself. I wanted it to breath excitement, joy and a bit of chaos, because that is what that part of the text feels like. That's not what I see in my drawing. 


 So after I stopped sobbing, I picked up my tablet again and starting to work more on this piece. I finally made it like this and put a nice filter over it with Snapseed:


 This was the text that was supposed to be on this spread: 


Did you know: The fastest animal on the planet is a cheetah and it can run at 70 miles per hour. The tallest mountain on earth is 8,848 meters high. The smallest living creature is a microbe and we’re covered in them (yuk!). Animals like frogs, rabbits and dogs have travelled to space in rockets, and the footprints which astronauts left on the moon will never disappear because there’s no wind or weather (crazy, I know! I definitely want to walk on the moon when I’m older!). The earth is 70% water, and so are we. Tigers have striped skin, not just striped fur, and crocodiles can’t stick their tongues out.


Its a great text, isn't it? Written by Zoe Tucker herself...I have a million other ideas to illustrate it, but I hope you like the way that I've connected all the school facts with the classmates of my main character. 


I will keep pushing myself to the limit, because I really want to get better. I love your support and hope to hear from you soon. If Lilla and Zoe can't be my personal coaches, maybe you can?!


Pffff after this long post I will no longer keep you busy and try to go to bed in time....oh wait, that's too late now.....


Good night everyone!


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