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October 18, 2018

This week has been very busy! Luckily I have a one week holiday at the moment, because else I don't know how I'd do all the things I want to do....


I told you before (in Dutch...) that I discoverd Make Art That Sells (MATS) this year. To me it was like a revelation that came to me at the right time in my life. I had just started my business as a freelance illustrator, but I was still to shy to put my website really out there. It was online, yes, but that was it. I didn't dare to speak about it or post it somewhere because I felt a little ashamed. I don't have a good portfolio, I know that, but it is all I have at the moment. Since I've encountered MATS my portfolio keeps improving day by day. I think my Instagram shows it better than this website, but it's true.

Sometimes it's hard for me to keep up, I want to do so much in so little time. My first course at MATS was Money Bad Ass. I still haven't finished it, but it really helps me to get things into the right perspective. I can choose my own steady path now and know that I'm not the only one who is strugling with things like how to build an income as a freelance artist, how to keep your focus and most of all where to focus on in the first place. 


Because I know/feel that my portfolio needs to be worked on I also took the Portfolio Live course with Lilla Rogers (who owns MATS). She had another awesome LIVE today of wich I learned a lot, but wich also made me feel like I am way behind on my classmates. She showed a lot of beautiful websites and Instagram pages and I know that it is to show what all the possibilities are, but then there's this teeny tiny devil who says: 'Look at that, you'll never be as good as those people, what are you thinking?!' This afternoon (before the LIVE portfolio) I was full of energie and wit to make my dreams come true and work on my website. All the while commenting on other people's websites and art and give them a good feeling about themselves (wich they totally deserved!). Now I've finally got the nerve to post my own site in the Facebook group and asked for comments, feeling very nervous. I didn't get any (yet). And after a while a wondered if anyone saw my post, so I checked. Shouldn't have done that, because then I saw that 9 people had seen my message, but nobody gave a comment....that little devil came again and whispered: 'You see, you were right, nobody likes your page, they don't dare to make a comment, because it's so bad they can't find a decent thing to say...'. I really want to cry right now, but luckily there's this other voice in my head that says something different: "Hey, it's kinda late right now, you should do something you love and then quickly go to bed. Tomorrow there will be another day and people have more time to check your website and give a comment that gives you a chance to grow!' Let's listen to that voice...shall we?


Thanks to MATS and other things I've done the past few months I know that making a children's book is really a dream of mine that I want to fulfill. I said it like a hundred times today (looking at the clock, raising my eyebrows at the time, realising it was actually yesterday that I said it, time flies while writing this!) to my mother, husband and anyone else foolish enough to listen at my chattering: I am so thrilled to have taken the Illustrating Children's Books course! I get so happy doing all the daily sketch prompts, diving in to the story and building my own character. Yes it's difficult, but very rewarding and I keep amazing myself of what I'm capable of. Of course I see beautiful work of other people that makes me flinch sometimes, but all the nice comments and the likes I get from the other students is so great! It feels like an addiction....I totally see why people keep doing these courses over and over again, it gives me real joy and inspiriation. And you know what? It is great for my portfolio as well! So I would like to end this long story with a positive vibe and a beautiful banner so all of you people who have the same dream know where they have to go to make it real!




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