Me, myself and I


Hello dear visitor, my name is Renate Vermeulen-Potter

It took some time, but I've finaly decided to share my work with the world. I love to draw, paint, take pictures or be creative in other ways.

Besides being a mom and a wife I also make illustrations for websites, Christmas giftcards for companies, illustrations for gifts and I draw portrets. Wall Art is also a possibility! It's so divers and fun to do!


But what of this name: Studio Herboren? It is Dutch and it means Studio Reborn. My first name Renate has the same meaning and reborn is how I feel, now I've finaly decided to make a living out of my favourite hobby .

Besides, I loooooove symbols that represent the word 'reborn', like the Ank, the Scarab and the Feniks.

When I am not busy at my home-studio, I work at a school, learn 8 year olds how to play soccer and sing with my choir Pippijn. 

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